Anti-reflective glass: enhancing visual clarity

Enjoy a crystal clear view with minimal reflection – regardless of the time of day or light intensity. We offer the best solutions for enhanced visibility and reduced glare, ensuring an uninterrupted visual experience in any lighting condition.

Properties and benefits of anti-reflective glass

The process behind anti-reflective glass

Anti-reflective glass, also known as glare-free glass, is covered with an interference-optical coating on one or both sides.

In a special process, several metal oxide layers are applied to the glass, which are only a few nanometers thick. This coating prevents reflections on the glass surface from e.g. sunlight or artificial light.

Benefits of anti-reflective coated glass

Some of the properties of anti-reflective coating include:

Minimized reflection: reduces light reflections for improved visibility

High transparency: maintains true colors and details without distortion

Improved contrast: enhances contrast by reducing glare

Wide range of applications: suitable for many different industries, settings and environments

The versatility of anti-reflective glass:

applications and products

Its almost reflection free coating makes anti-reflective glass particularly suitable for a wide variety of applications, especially in bright areas or at night, in low ambient light conditions, where reflection would prevent clear visibility.

It can be processed into many different custom products to protect valuable art or objects of historical relevance while ensuring a clear and unhindered view. 
Some custom applications for anti-reflective glass include:

  • glass display boards
  • art showcases
  • museum exhibitions
  • technical displays
  • medical and science applications

Because of its high visual clarity, anti-reflective coated glass is also often used for panorama windows in restaurants, window fronts in modern architectural buildings or as shop window glass.

Our range of high-quality anti-reflective glasses

Discover our selection of anti-reflective glass, featuring exceptional quality and customized for specific applications:

Schott Conturan®: its superior anti-reflective properties make Conturan® glass ideal for technical applications by ensuring optimal visibility and clarity in high or low ambient light.

Schott Mirogard®: specifically designed for picture glazing, this type of coated glass enhances the viewing experience by reducing glare and reflections.

Schott Mirona®: a unique and elegant semi-transparent mirror glass that allows some level of reflection while still maintaining its transparency. The Schott Mirona® glass is designed to add a touch of sophistication to architectural settings, interior designs, artistic installations and more.

Schott Amiran®: perfect for architectural applications, Schott Amiran® features advanced anti-reflective capabilities, allowing for unobstructed views and reduced glare.

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