Glasses for restoration

SCHOTT’s Glasses for Restoration are the best choice for the faithful restoration of Historical buildings from various eras – mimicking the appearance of the original glazing materials – GOETHEGLAS for buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries, RESTOVER® glass for buildings dating from the early 1900s and TIKANA® restoration glass for buildings from the classical modern period.

The traditional Fourcault process vertically draws glass from a liquid melt upwards through a nozzle and into a drawing shaft. At the end of the shaft, the glass is cut to size. SCHOTT restoration glass exhibit striations typical for this production process. The glass also has varying degrees of waviness depending on the product.

In addition, all SCHOTT restoration glass types have the European Technical Assessment ETA-12/0159 from the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBT), i.e. depending on the glass thickness, it can be processed into standard building products such as toughened safety glass, laminated safety glass and insulating glass.

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