Radiation shielding glass

When it comes to shielding radiation that is harmful to health, compromises are out of place. SCHOTT is the only manufacturer of radiation shielding glass in Germany. Radiation shielding glass or X-ray shielding glass RD30 and RD50 from SCHOTT can therefore be found in many areas of medicine, science and industry.
The addition of lead to the glass mass gives the X-ray protection glass its typical yellow coloration and, depending on the requirements, absorbs a high proportion of the X-ray radiation. For this reason, it is widely used especially in X-ray rooms, operating rooms, irradiation wards, dental offices and radiology practices.
In mammography, radiation shielding glasses from SCHOTT are the market leader. The Adamer Group is a certified contractual partner of Schott for Germany.
SCHOTT radiation shielding glass is also available in combination with anti-reflective glass, which reduces the reflection in the glass to a minimum. This anti-reflective X-ray protection glass offers a high level of protection against X-rays and also ensures a clear view in the examination area.

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